O.D. Sewing Kit

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O.D. Sewing Kit
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Specs & Description
  • Includes scissors
  • Thread, thimble, buttons, snaps, etc. in O.D. compass pouch

Prepare for Unexpected Tears in Your Uniform With the OD Sewing Kit

You never know when you might get a tear or rip in your uniform that you need to repair when you’re on the go. With the OD Sewing Kit, you can repair uniform mishaps on the fly so you stay within regulations and keep your uniform in the best condition possible. Discover the potential of the OD Sewing Kit and its unique features and benefits, which include:

  • Packed interior: The OD Sewing Kit comes stocked with all the supplies you need to make quick repairs on the go, including thread, needles, buttons, snaps, and scissors. Feel more prepared to stitch up rips and tears with the supplies you need in one convenient pouch.
  • Compact sizing: The smaller size of the OD Sewing Kit makes it easy to store inside a small pocket of your uniform or bag. When you keep your OD Sewing Kit stored in a convenient location, it will be easier to pull out at a moment’s notice.
  • Secure closure: The OD Sewing Kit closes easily with the snap closure, securing your supplies inside. Reduce the risk of losing your vital supplies when you keep the OD Sewing Kit closed.

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