The MLC Briefing

A sit-rep for all members of the military and their families

Managing Stress in your Military Career

May 27th 2020

When you are a part of the Armed Forces your life has added stresses that civilian life does not have. On top of that life’s everyday stresses that everyone is dealing with do not go away just because … read more
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Memorial Day - A History

May 21st 2020

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May every year and is a Federal holiday. It is the American holiday to honor the servicewomen and servicemen who have passed while serving in the U.S. Mi … read more
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How to Prepare for Basic Training

May 15th 2020

Once you have enlisted in the United States Military Basic Military Training or BMT is right around the corner. Every branch has its own form of BMT that includes intense physical training, militar … read more
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Armed Forces Week

May 11th 2020

Armed Forces Week is celebrated in the week leading up to Armed Forces Day which is the third Saturday in May. Americans have Armed Forces Week as an occasion to remember past and present service memb … read more
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​Month of the Military Caregiver

May 6th 2020

In May we observe Month of the Military Caregiver. A Military Caregiver is typically thought to be a close family member but can be a friend or a neighbor. Month of the Military Caregiver has been … read more
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