Multicam OCP Rolled Map Case

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Multicam OCP Rolled Map Case
Multicam OCP
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description
Size: 22" x 16" (two sided viewing area)
  • Durable double polished vinyl
  • Hook and loop seal
  • Pen holder
  • Roll up and carry away
  • Made In The USA

Keep Your Map Safe and Secure Inside the Rolled Map Case

Modern GPS technology is convenient, but it’s not always accessible when you’re engaged in your military operations. Your printed map may also contain information that’s critical to your operations, so it’s important to keep it safe while you’re on the go. Make sure your map is secure by using the Multicam OCP Rolled Map Case, which boasts features like:

  • Durable design: Made from durable double-polished vinyl, the Rolled Map Case can protect your map while you’re engaged in your operations. Reduce the risk of damage to your important location data and tactical information by shielding it from the elements inside the Rolled Map Case.
  • Convenient handling: Once your map is inside, you can easily roll up the Rolled Map Case, close the hook and loop seal, and store it inside a bigger bag or carry it with you. Having your map on hand and ready to roll out at any moment helps you prepare for the different scenarios you’ll encounter during your operations.
  • Extra storage: On top of the space for your map, you’ll have a pen holder to store your writing utensil so you’re prepared to take notes or jot down important information as needed.

Looking for More Military Gear in Multicam OCP?

You’ll need more than a map to get you through your military operations. Military Luggage Company has you covered with our wide selection of gear in Multicam OCP, including assault packs, duffles, rucksacks, garment bags, and more. Feel more confident with the right gear to guide and support you during your next military operation.