Multicam OCP Individual Map Case

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Multicam OCP Individual Map Case
Multicam OCP
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description
Size: 7" x 9" (viewing area)
• Durable nylon 
• Hook and loop seal
• Fits BDU pocket
• Two fold double polished vinyl

Protect Your Map and Easily Carry it During Your Operations With the Individual Map Case

When you need to carry your map with you during your operations, you need a reliable way to store and transport your map so it doesn’t succumb to the elements. Consider using the Multicam OCP Individual Map Case as a convenient and simple way to carry your map. You’ll benefit from unique features and benefits when you use the Individual Map Case during your operations, including:

  • Quality construction: Designed from durable nylon material, the Individual Map Case helps protect your belongings from the elements so your map remains in good condition. With the proper handling, you can rest easier knowing your map is safe and secure inside the Individual Map Case.
  • Compact sizing: The small size of the Individual Map Case makes it easy to fit inside a BDU pocket or small bag compartment. Easily store your Individual Map Case when you’re on the go so it’s easy to access at a moment’s notice.
  • Simple layout: The design of the Individual Map Case is simple, making it easy to access your map without having to sort through different compartments, pockets, or sleeves. Just open it up and take a look at your map as needed without the hassle.

Want Even More Gear to Supplement Your Operations?

A map case is just a small part of your military equipment arsenal. You’ll need plenty of gear to assist you through your operations, which is where we come in. We stock a comprehensive selection of gear in Multicam OCP, ranging from assault packs and duffles to chest rigs and weapons storage. Tackle your challenges head-on with the right selection of gear to support you during your unique military operations.