Scorpion OCP Top Loading Military Transport Duffle Bag

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Scorpion OCP Top Loading Military Transport Duffle Bag
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description

Size: 34" Height x 15" Diameter

  • Made of 1000 denier cordura nylon 
  • Carries over 70 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • Top Handle
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to be worn as a back pack
  • Top loading duffle bag

Go the Extra Mile With the Military Transport Duffle Bag

With a design inspired by the Military Transport Bag, also known as the “sea bag,” the Scorpion OCP Top Loading Military Transport Duffle Bag is capable of helping you carry your loadout for your next operation. Take this bag on field missions, training exercises, deployments, or other military operations. Take advantage of the Military Transport Duffle Bag’s unique features during your next operation, which include:

  • Weight capacity: Capable of holding up to 70 pounds of stuff, the Military Transport Duffle Bag can accommodate a lot of gear. The top loading feature makes it easy to load up your supplies so you can pack quickly and go. Store clothes, military gear, specialized equipment, and other necessities inside the robust interior.
  • Tough construction: The 1000D Cordura nylon fabric is resilient enough to withstand the rigors of military operations. When you handle the Military Transport Duffle Bag correctly, you’re less likely to experience premature rips or tears in the fabric that could leave your gear vulnerable to unnecessary damage.
  • Adaptable handling: You can carry the Military Transport Duffle like a backpack with the included adjustable backpack straps, making it easier to haul heavy gear over long distances. When you need to move, you can quickly grab the carry handles to transport your gear to your destination.

Discover the Potential of the Military Transport Duffle Bag During Your Next Operation

If you’re looking for a bag to help you carry your supplies throughout your military operations, look no further. The Military Transport Duffle Bag makes it easy to pack up your gear using the top loading feature. You can store equipment up to 70 pounds, meaning you have plenty of space for your supplies. The items you store inside will be protected against the elements, whether you’re engaging in field operations, gearing up for a deployment, or participating in a training exercise. Tackle your challenges more confidently with the Military Transport Duffle Bag as your go-to military duffle.

Looking for a Bag to Help Your Carry Your Gear at Your Destination?

If you need a bag to carry your gear once you get where you’re going, consider the Scorpion OCP Three-Day Assault Pack by Condor. This bag features a 50-liter carrying capacity, offering plenty of room for your gear and supplies. You can handle even more equipment by taking advantage of the MOLLE webbing, allowing you to add modular attachments as needed to accommodate the demands of your operations. Take your operation to the next level with the Three-Day Assault Pack as your go-to mission pack.