Olive Drab Improved Transport Duffle Bag

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Olive Drab Improved Transport Duffle Bag
Olive Drab
Duffle Bags

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Specs & Description

Size: 32" H x 12" W x 12"H

  • Constructed of heavy duty nylon 
  • Features a self mending zipper
  • Made in the USA
  • Two padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Two side carry handles and a top carry handle
  • Four 3 prong buckles to secure your gear
  • 7.5" x 5" ID window with a hidden document pocket
  • Metal locking loop to secure the duffle

Enhance Your Travels With the Improved Transport Duffle Bag

When you’re preparing to travel for your military operations, you need a bag you can trust to transport your gear and equipment to your destination. The Olive Drab Improved Transport Duffle Bag is capable of hauling your essentials, whether you’re deploying, gearing up for a mission, or preparing for a training exercise. Discover the potential of the Improve Transport Duffle Bag during your next operation with benefits like:

  • Robust storage: You’ll have plenty of storage space inside the Improved Transport Duffle Bag. Carry military gear, specialized equipment, travel essentials, and more inside the spacious interior so you’re prepared to tackle the unique challenges you encounter during your operations.
  • Protective construction: With heavy-duty nylon, three-prong buckles, and metal locking loops, the Improve Transport Duffle Bag is designed to secure your gear and shield your essentials from the elements. Feel more confident while you’re traveling knowing your equipment has an extra layer of protection.
  • Versatile handling methods: The Improved Transport Duffle Bag features two padded adjustable shoulder straps, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag when you have a long day of travel ahead of you. You can also use the side or top carry handles to haul your gear quickly or make it easier to maneuver while storing your items.

Prepare to Succeed With the Improved Transport Duffle Bag by Your Side

When you’re engaged in military operations, you need your gear and equipment to help you complete your important work. The Improved Transport Duffle Bag can help you haul the essentials you need to succeed in your applications, no matter where the military takes you. Prepare for your operations in peace knowing the Improved Transport Duffle Bag offers an extra layer of protection for your gear and equipment, allowing you to focus on the important work you’re doing. Feel more confident while traveling with your gear with the Improved Transport Duffle Bag as your trusted companion.

Looking for a Bag to Haul Your Gear During Your Missions?

Once the Improved Transport Duffle Bag gets you to your destination, you need a bag to carry your mission essentials. Consider the OD Three-Day Assault Pack by Condor. You’ll have plenty of space for your essentials, and you can customize your loadout and attachments using the heavy-duty MOLLE webbing. Stride confidently into your next operation with the Three-Day Assault Pack by your side.