Multicam OCP T.H.E. EDC Pack By Spec Ops

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Multicam OCP T.H.E. EDC Pack By Spec Ops
Multicam OCP
EDC Bags
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


We supply gear that can stand up to anything... except Chuck Norris.


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Specs & Description


  • Overall Pack Dimensions: 18 3/8" high x 9 3/4" wide x 9 1/4" thick at bottom tapering to 7 1/2" at the top
  • Pocket Dimensions: Main Pocket 18.375" high x 9.75" wide x 5.25" thick (top) x 6" thick (bottom) @ 1008 cubic inches.
  • Top Front Pocket: 7.25" high x 9" wide x 1.875" thick @ 122 cubic inches. Bottom Front Pocket: 9" high x 8.75" wide x 3.125" thick @ 246 cubic inches.
  • Total Capacity: 1376 cubic inches



  • Made from super durable USA Made 1000D. Cordura® Nylon 6/6® fabric (by far the toughest 1000D. nylon fabric on the market today).
  • Versatile 3-pocket design with huge USA Made YKK #10 self-healing chain & zip closures.
  • Fully Modular design.
  • Comfortable, tough and breathable one-piece MTX SHOULDER HARNESS SYSTEM with up-dated modular chest-strap.
  • Extra heavy-duty “Drag-Handle” stitched into double layer top panel for maximum durability.
  • Patented USA Made “Battle Buckles™” hardware used throughout – toughest hardware on the market.
  • Dual Compression Straps with integrated load loops on pocket faces.
  • Removable 2" waist belt with "Endless" adjustment - no flapping straps!
  • High-Viz lining in main compartment for fast and easy viewing of contents.
  • Dual exit ports for radio / Hydration set-up (bladder not included)

Travel With Your Daily Supplies More Efficiently When You Use T.H.E. EDC Pack

You never know what the day may bring, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the different scenarios you may encounter. When you use the Multicam OCP T.H.E. EDC Pack, you’ll have the space necessary to carry your supplies so you can access them throughout the day. Feel more capable of accomplishing your goals and overcoming your challenges when you take advantage of T.H.E. EDC Pack’s unique features and benefits, which include:

  • Roomy interior: With more than 22 liters of storage space, you’ll have enough room to accommodate supplies for a wide range of activities. Pack the bag with your work supplies, travel essentials, or personal items. You can even organize your items using the different pockets and compartments so it’s easier to find what you need at a moment’s notice.
  • Resilient construction: Manufactured using 1000D Cordura nylon, you can trust T.H.E. EDC Pack to create an effective barrier between your belongings and the elements. Feel more confident in your daily applications knowing your belongings are safe and secure inside T.H.E. EDC Pack.
  • Optimized comfort: T.H.E. EDC Pack comes with dual compression straps and a removable waist belt, which you can adjust to create the best fit for your unique body shape and size. With the right adjustments, you can reduce premature strain and fatigue, helping you sustain your energy during your longer, more demanding days.

Easily Carry and Access Your Essential Throughout the Day Using T.H.E. EDC Pack

You never know what you may encounter throughout the day, but preparing for different scenarios will help you feel more capable of tackling the different challenges you may face. When you use T.H.E. EDC Pack, you’ll have the necessary space to accommodate various supplies and items, whether you’re working, traveling, or adventuring. Even if you’ve packed the bag to the brim, the unique comfort features help prevent unnecessary strain or fatigue during your applications. The high-quality design keeps your belongings safe and secure, even if you get stuck in tough conditions or environments. Feel more confident as you head out to tackle your daily challenges when you have T.H.E. EDC Pack by your side.

Want to Level Up Your Organizational Potential for Your Smaller Items?

You may have a lot of smaller items you’re carrying to prepare for your day, which can easily get lost among the rest of your gear. Rather than wasting time fishing through your bag to find these items, keep them organized inside the Multicam OCP Pack-Rat Organizer. You can use the 14 different compartments and slots to organize your items, making them easier to find at a moment’s notice. And once you’ve finished packing the Pack-Rat Organizer, you can stash it directly inside T.H.E. EDC Pack so all your essentials are in one easily accessible location.