Multicam OCP Military ID Armband

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Multicam OCP Military ID Armband
Multicam OCP
ID And Armband
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description

Size:  5" High x 4" Wide

  • This Case Fits Over The Arm Via Two Elastic Straps And Holds A Large ID
  • For Flight Line Use
  • Durable Nylon And Clear Double Polished Vinyl
  • Hook/Loop Closure
  • Adjustable Arm Straps

Keep Your Military ID in Plain View With the Military ID Armband

Sometimes, it’s easier to have your military ID displayed at all times rather than trying to find it in your wallet or bag, especially when you’re working on the flightline. When you use the Multicam OCP Military ID Armband, you can use the clear display for your military ID so it’s always in view while you’re working. Take advantage of the distinct benefits and features of the Military ID Armband, which includes:

  • Added protection: The clear display secures your military ID in place so it’s less likely to be lost or stolen, which is essential in preventing a security risk. Feel more confident knowing your ID is safe tucked away inside the Military ID Armband.
  • Durable construction: Made using tough nylon and polished vinyl, the Military ID Armband has the necessary durability to make it through your military applications. Rest easier knowing your ID is protected against the elements when stored inside the clear display.
  • Adjustable design: Using the elastic straps, you can easily adjust the Military ID Armband to your unique arm width, keeping it in place and preventing it from sliding around while you’re engaged with your operations.

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