Multicam OCP GI Type Duffle Bag With 2 Shoulder Straps

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Multicam OCP GI Type Duffle Bag With 2 Shoulder Straps
Multicam OCP
Duffle Bags
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Specs & Description

Size: 24" x 36"

  • Made with water repellent, puncture and tear resistant heavy duty fabric
  • Top opening with lockable grommet and post system
  • Two padded adjustable shoulder straps with nylon web grab handle
  • Heavy duty metal hardware and rugged stitching
  • Side pocket with snap closure (measures 6.5" x 4.5")

Head Into Your Long-Term Operations More Confidently Using the GI Type Duffle Bag

Whether you’re gearing up for a deployment or a multi-day mission away from home, you need a bag you can trust to store and haul your gear to your destination. With the Multicam OCP GI Type Duffle Bag With 2 Shoulder Straps, you can easily pack what you need and reach your destination feeling more confident. Take advantage of the distinct features and benefits of the GI Type Duffle Bag, which include:

  • Quality construction: The GI Type Duffle Bag features tear, puncture, and water-resistant materials, which protect your gear and supplies from the elements. You can rest easier as you head to your destination knowing your belongings are safe inside the GI Type Duffle Bag.
  • Spacious interior: There’s plenty of room inside the GI Type Duffle Bag to store your gear so you’re adequately prepared for the challenges you’ll face in your operations. You can easily store a wide range of military equipment, travel essentials, and personal belongings so you have what you need once you reach your destination.
  • Comfortable handling: Using the two shoulder straps, you can comfortably carry the GI Type Duffle Bas as you head into your operations. With the proper adjustments, you can reduce strain and fatigue when carrying heavy cargo.

Tackle the Challenges of Your Travels More Efficiently With the GI Type Duffle Bag

When your operations require you to travel away from home, it’s important to have a bag that can carry all the gear and supplies you’ll need to be successful. The GI Type Duffle Bag offers plenty of space for your essentials, and you can trust they’ll be safe inside thanks to the high-quality construction materials and tough design. Even if you’re bearing a lot of weight, the padded shoulder straps will help you maintain your comfort when you’re traveling. Tackle your challenges head-on when you use the GI Type Duffle Bag to travel with your gear and supplies.

Want a Bag You Can Use to Carry Your Day-to-Day Essentials?

Once you get where you’re going, you need a high-quality bag you can trust to carry your supplies for your daily operations. Consider using one of our high-quality assault packs, which come in a wide range of colors with unique features to help you be successful in your work. Head into your day with more confidence when you use a quality assault pack to carry your gear and equipment.