Foliage TOUGH HOOK Tactical Equipment Hanger

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Foliage TOUGH HOOK Tactical Equipment Hanger
FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


We supply gear that can stand up to anything... except Chuck Norris.


We ship quicker than a politician backpedaling on campaign promises.

Specs & Description


Dimensions: 15.85" X 0.9" X 9.9"

  • Nearly indestructible hanger designed to hang, hold and carry over 150 pounds
  • Works amazing for body armor, ballistic vests and plate carriers
  • Also works great for heavy equipment, scuba diving gear, camping gear, hiking gear and outdoor sports gear
  • Integrated carry grip handle for easy transportation
  • Patented I-Beam construction and impact resistant resin

We are proud to offer this item for several reasons.  First it is made by a Veteran owned company.  Second, it is proudly made in the USA.  And third, it solves the very real problem of storing your body armor, vests, plate carriers and much more in a convenient way.

It's perfect for all branches of the Military and Public Safety Personnel

Get your gear off the ground!

Optimize Your Tactical Storage With the TOUGH HOOK Tactical Equipment Hanger

It’s important to store your gear correctly so you can store even more gear and equipment in the future while also preventing it from piling up in a disorganized heap in the corner. Consider using the Foliage TOUGH HOOK Tactical Equipment Hanger as your storage solution, allowing you to get your gear off the ground and easier to find and access. Capitalize on the distinct features and benefits of the TOUGH HOOK Hanger when you use it as your tactical storage solution, which includes:

  • Resilient construction: The TOUGH HOOK Hanger uses an I-beam construction, which means it offers impressive strength and durability. You can load it with your gear and equipment without having to worry about it suddenly snapping or breaking like a traditional hanger would.
  • Load capacity: You can put over 150 pounds of weight on the TOUGH HOOK Hanger and trust it will hold up. The TOUGH HOOK Hanger can carry anything from plate carriers and backpacks to tactical vests and body armor.
  • Flexible applications: As the name implies, the TOUGH HOOK Tactical Equipment Hanger is designed to carry tactical gear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other applications. You can also store your camping equipment, sports gear, hunting gear, and more to help you improve your storage capabilites.

Find Even More Tactical Gear to Pair With Your TOUGH HOOK Hanger

Whether you are just starting with collecting tactical gear or you want to add more to your existing collection, Military Luggage Company has your back. We offer a wide range of gear in foliage, including duffles, garment bags, weapons storage, and more. Show up to your applications feeling more prepared and easily store it when you’re done when you use the TOUGH HOOK Hanger.