Digital Desert Tactical Camo Form

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Digital Desert Tactical Camo Form
Digital Desert
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description

Self Adhering Gun Camo:

  • Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Adhesive Free
  • Washable
  • Reusable
  • Conceals Guns & Camo Gear
  • Quiet Clanking Objects
  • Protects guns & equipment from field scratches
  • Adds grip
  • Easy to cut
  • Conforms to any shape
  • Insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces
  • Will not leave a sticky reside when removed
  • Standard issue
  • 2" x 144" roll covers one standard rifle or shotgun


When you need to conceal guns or camouflage gear without leaving behind a sticky residue, only one gun camo will do.

Camo Form by McNett Tactical is a self-adhering camouflage wrap that is removable & reusable.

Use it on guns, scopes, knives, treestands, flashlights - whatever you're taking into the field.

Camo Form stretches, sticks to itself and conforms to any shape for a custom fit.

When it gets dirty or wet - simply remove, wash, let dry & reapply.

The heavy duty fabric not only protects & conceals tactical gear - but it also adds grip, insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces & quiets clanking objects

Stay Hidden During Your Operations With the Tactical Camo Form

If you’re in the military, there are plenty of operations that will require you to stay concealed so you don’t reveal your position. Make sure you’re able to stay hidden by using the Digital Desert Tactical Camo Form. You’ll be able to better blend into your environment when you take advantage of features and benefits like:

  • Stealth capabilites: Wrap the Tactical Camo Form around your gear to take advantage of the Digital Desert design, whether it’s your weapons, flashlight, scopes, or other items. The padded fabric also helps prevent clanking from metal items, further helping conceal you in your environment.
  • Adhesive-free: One of the more significant benefits of the Tactical Camo Form is that it doesn’t use a sticky adhesive, meaning it won’t leave any residue on your gear and isn’t a hassle to remove. The Tactical Camo Form can even be removed and washed for use on future missions.
  • Added insulation: Metal objects, such as your firearm, can become hot or cold to the touch when sitting outside. However, the Tactical Camo Form adds extra insulation so you can grab your gear without worrying about extreme temperatures.

Want More Camo Options to Help You Blend Into Different Environments?

Digital Desert camo can help you blend into some environments, but it won’t help you stay hidden everywhere. Instead, you’ll need to use different camos so you can stay concealed in the different situations you’ll encounter during your operations. The good news is that we offer the Tactical Camo Form in two additional camos, Multicam OCP and Digital Woodland. Find the camo best suited for your needs so you and your team can fly under the radar during your next mission.