Coyote Laundry Bag 16" x 19"

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Coyote Laundry Bag  16" x 19"
Laundry Bags
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description
  • Drawstring Closure
  • Lightweight Cotton Canvas Material
  • 16" x 19"
  • Two Metal Eyelets To Ensure Durability Of The Drawstrings And Prevent Fraying

Efficiently Carry Around Your Laundry Using the Coyote Laundry Bag

It’s important to have an efficient way to transport your laundry, whether you’re just heading to the laundry room to transporting it for your travels. With the Coyote Laundry Bag, you can easily haul your clothing, uniforms, and PTs, whether they need to be cleaned or you’re taking them with you on your next trip. Discover the potential of the Coyote Laundry Bag when you take advantage of features like:

  • Quality construction: Made using lightweight cotton canvas, you can rely on the Coyote Laundry Bag to hold up during some of your busiest laundry days. Feel more confident when you’re washing your clothes or traveling with your belongings when you’re using the Coyote Laundry Bag.
  • Flexible applications: The main purpose of the Coyote Laundry Bag is to store and transport your clothes, but you can also use the bag for different purposes. For example, you can use the bag to carry your gear or personal belongings when you’re on the go or as a simple, convenient storage method to limit clutter or save space.
  • Secure closure: You can easily secure your belongings inside the Coyote Laundry Bag using the high-quality drawstring closure. Rest easier knowing your belongings are safe inside the Coyote Laundry Bag as you go about your day.

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