Coyote Ergo Pack By Voodoo Tactical

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Coyote Ergo Pack By Voodoo Tactical
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO
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Specs & Description


  • 7" x 8" x 4"
  • Ergonomic design for all-day comfort
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and movable pads
  • Ambidextrous holster with elastic mag pouch
  • Rear padded pocket for most size clip holsters
  • Hidden adjustable waist belt
  • Two exterior zipper pouches
  • Cell phone pouch
  • Pen holder
  • Front top divided zipper pocket
  • Front flap zippered pocket
  • Zippered pouch for two pistol mag pouches
  • Main pocket with cord-locking drawstring
  • External universal webbing

Tackle Your Daily Challenges by Keeping Your Supplies Handy Inside the Ergo Pack

The Coyote Ergo Pack by Voodoo Tactical is an excellent way to carry your daily essentials, including personal belongings, your CCW, and extra ammunition. When you’re more prepared for your day, you can accomplish your goals with ease. Discover the difference the Ergo Pack can make in your day when you take advantage of features and benefits like:

  • Spacious interior: There are enough pockets and pouches inside the Ergo Pack to efficiently organize your supplies, making them easier to find in critical moments. If you want to give your important items the most security, keep them stored inside the main pocket with the cord-locking drawstring so they stay secure inside while you’re on the go.
  • MOLLE compatibility: If you’ve completely packed the Ergo Pack, the universal webbing allows you to add more gear or storage based on the needs of your day. Customize your loadout so you’re adequately prepared for the demands of your day.
  • Optimized comfort: Using the ergonomic design of the Ergo Pack, you comfortably carry all your supplies for the day. You can adjust the shoulder strap and movable pads to fit your unique body shape, preventing unnecessary strain or fatigue.

Want Another Option for Carrying Your Protection and Supplies?

Maybe you want to free up the space on your back and shoulders for another bag, or maybe you want your items to be quickly accessible in emergencies. You can use the Coyote Hide-A-Weapon Fannypack, which offers a dedicated space for your CCW and extra space for your small essentials. Since the pack is worn around your waste, you can free up the space in your hands and on your shoulders for your unique needs.