Black Zippered Neck ID Holder

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Black Zippered Neck ID Holder
ID And Armband

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Specs & Description
  • Holds the Military ID and Money Securely
  • Back Pocket Has A Zipper Closure

Easily Carry Your Military ID Inside the Zippered Neck ID Holder

You never know when you might need to present your military ID, and you don’t want to leave your command waiting by wasting time fishing through your belongings trying to remember where you left it. Instead, keep your military ID inside the Zippered Neck ID Holder, which keeps your ID front and center as you go about your operations. Capitalize on the distinct features and benefits of the Neck ID Holder during your operations, which include:

  • Extra storage: On top of the clear display for your military ID, the Zippered Neck ID Holder also features a zippered back pocket for your cash or even another ID card. You can present your IDs and make quick purchases all with one convenient ID holder.
  • Secure design: The zippered closures help secure your ID and cash inside, reducing the chance of you losing your ID or money during your day.
  • Easy handling: You can wear the ID Holder around your neck so you’re not wasting pocket or bag space while you’re carrying it around. With your ID around your neck, you can easily present it when necessary without wasting time looking for it in your wallet or bag, streamlining your daily operations.

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