Black Bando XL EDC Bag By Eberlestock

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Black Bando XL EDC Bag By Eberlestock
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO
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Specs & Description


  • 6"h x 11"w x 3"d full-zip back pocket for full frame sidearms and smaller
  • Interior mesh zippered pocket
  • Two slip pockets
  • Small zipper front pocket
  • Integrated sleeve for tourniquets
  • Adjustable waist belt from sizes between 31.5” to 44”

Use the Bando XL as Your Go-To EDC Bag

You need an EDC bag you know you can trust to help you get through your day. As a tactical professional, you’ll love what the Black Bando XL has to offer. Take advantage of the bag’s unique features during your daily applications, such as:

  • Adjustable handling: The adjustable waist belt allows the Bando XL to fit your waist size. Since the strap can fit around waists between 31.5” and 44”, you can create a snug fit so you don’t have to worry about the bag slipping down as you go about your day.
  • Organized interior: You’ll find plenty of pockets inside the Bando XL to organize and carry your essential items. Keep your keys, cords, phone, pocket knife, and other essentials inside to ensure you’re prepared for your day.
  • CCW compatibility: The full-zippered back pocket is designed to accommodate most full-frame sidearms or smaller, ensuring you’re equipped with the tools necessary to feel protected throughout your daily applications.

Confidently Prepare for Your Day With Your Essentials Safely Inside the Bando XL

The Bando XL is an excellent choice for your day-to-day applications, whether you’re spending time in town, hunting, or traveling. You can easily store your essentials inside the various pockets and roomy interior. Keeping your supplies organized will make it easier to quickly access the items you need at a moment’s notice. You’ll even have a dedicated compartment for your CCW so you can protect what matters most during your applications. Feel more confident with the Bando XL secured around your waist as you go about your day.

Looking for a More Compact Version of the Bando With the Same Features?

If you’re looking for something a little smaller for your EDC, you can choose the standard Black Bando Bag, which offers many of the same benefits in a more compact version of the Bando XL. You’ll still be able to carry your smaller supplies and a CCW to help you prepare for your day, whether you’re hitting the town, embarking on a new adventure, or traveling to a new destination.