OD Breachers Shotgun Scabbard By Voodoo Tactical

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OD Breachers Shotgun Scabbard By Voodoo Tactical
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Specs & Description

Size: 6 1/2"L x 2"W x 19 1/2"H

The MOLLE compatible breaching shotgun scabbard is designed to carry a short barrel or pistol grip shotgun such as those used by law enforcement and military personnel in breaching operations. Two MOLLE straps on each side allow for ambidextrous mounting to your entry vest, plate carrier or chest rig. The weapon can also be slung with the padded, adjustable, and removable shoulder strap. The scabbard is padded to protect the weapon in tight spaces. A row of elastic shell loops down the spine allows for easy access to four breacher rounds.

Shotgun Not Included!

Conquer Your Next Breaching Operation With the Breachers Shotgun Scabbard

Breaching operations are a critical part of the military and law enforcement. Make sure you show up to your next breaching operation adequately prepared by using the OD Breachers Shotgun Scabbard by Voodoo Tactical. You can easily carry your pistol grip or short-barrelled shotgun while benefiting from some impressive features, such as:

  • Adaptable handling: You can choose between two different handling methods to carry the Breachers Shotgun Scabbard based on what’s most convenient during your operations. Use the MOLLE straps to attach the scabbard directly to your chest rig, plate carrier, or entry vest, or use the removable padded shoulder strap to carry it over your shoulder when you’re traveling to your destination.
  • Extra protection: With the padded interior, you can trust the Breachers Shotgun Scabbard to keep your weaponry safe while you’re in the middle of your operations. Even if you’re traveling through tight spaces, the quality padding will prevent unnecessary or premature damage or wear and tear.
  • Added storage: You can use the elastic loops along the spin of the scabbard to store up to four breacher rounds, allowing you to properly prepare for your operations.

Need Different Color Options to Meet the Needs of Your Next Breach?

If you have a different color preference, want to match your scabbard to the rest of your gear, or need to meet the requirements of your operations, MLC has your back. We offer the Breachers Shotgun Scabbard in both black and coyote so you can pick the color that’s right for you. You’ll still benefit from all the same features as the OD version, but you’ll have the color you want or need for your operations.