Mystery Coyote Item

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$50.00 Originally $99.95
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Mystery Coyote Item
$50.00 Originally $99.95
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


We supply gear that can stand up to anything... except Chuck Norris.


We ship quicker than a politician backpedaling on campaign promises.

Specs & Description

If you're a gambler and feeling lucky, take a chance and order this MYSTERY Coyote item for $50

It's worth much more than 50 bucks.


Reviews (7)
  • 5
    Nice Surprise

    Posted by Joanna on Dec 30th 2023

    I didn’t expect to get a mystery gift with the purchase. I was actually wanting another bag that we received. Very nice!!

  • 3

    Posted by George on Jun 16th 2023

    Was hoping for bag with more mole attachment. I hav a bag like this one. It is well worth the money To big for work.more of small suit case. Will work as a gift

  • 5
    Got a lot in stock.

    Posted by Joseph on Jun 4th 2023

    So, me and my buddy saw this option, thought shoot for the price why not right. It's a nice backpack. Litterally like 60% more then the cost. So a great deal. Coming from having 5.11 backpacks to this, the 5..11 has my pockets and more molly. They are biiig backpacks. Plenty of space for....dark but real joke time....all your school books, tablet, and a kevlar panel in the back, for your normal day at school. Its useful, feels pretty well made. If you need a large (not mountain hiking but more then a small assult pack) then this is a great deal!

  • 5
    Mystery Coyote Item

    Posted by KMcD on Dec 12th 2022

    It arrived!! Amazing!!! I never expected such a primo second bag at all, in fact I was hoping for one bag & lots of stickers or coffee samples at that price. This was a great concept especially with inflation hitting so hard. Please let me say thank you once again and wish all of you the Happiest of the Holiday Season KMcD

  • 5
    $50.00 Mystery Item

    Posted by Tim Wimberly on Nov 25th 2022

    The Mystery Coyote Item is a Superb and Excellent Idea for a Mystery Christmas Item. I understand Right now Everyone is Combating Inflation. What I have to say is simple: set a side a better time to plan against combating inflation. If You Need to Work one or two extra days overtime, JUST DO IT!!! This will make sure You Can anywhere between $49.99 to $150.00 to Purchase a $49.99 Mystery Coyote Item or a $150.00 to Purchase a Holiday Mystery Box. I just bought my wife a Mystery Coyote Item That I decided and made up for her to have this Christmas and My original Mystery Coyote item for her “Put Her Over The Moon!!!” This Mystery Coyote Item will Last Probably For the Rest of Her Life and was Made with Excellent Craftsmanship and Design. Very Respectfully Tim Wimberly Military Luggage Company VIP Customer San Diego, California P.S. Lets Just say My wife has a Renewed Interest in EDC Bags, Bugout Backpacks and Military Luggage

  • 5
    Holds a ton.

    Posted by KMcD on Jun 16th 2016

    This was a surprise item I ordered for my husband. It far far exceeds my expectation as a gift and he says the quality is excelletnt. He uses it for business instead of an attache, it holds a ton and has good protection for his laptop among the tools he carries.

  • 5
    Well worth the gamble

    Posted by Robert Burba on Jun 2nd 2016

    The mystery item is well worth the price. I don't regret taking the chance on it.