Multicam OCP Chameleon Hydrapak

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Multicam OCP Chameleon Hydrapak
Multicam OCP
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description

Size:  21” x 9” x 1”

Volume: 189 cubic inches

• Constructed of 600 denier polyester with vinyl backing
• Black backpack with front zippered pocket
• Includes two interchangeable zip-off panels
• 100 oz. Hydrapak™ Reversible Reservoir
• Insulated tube with valve cover

Access Your Water Quickly and Efficiently Using the Chameleon Hydrapak

You don’t want to risk dehydration when you’re engaged in your critical operations. Instead, make sure you’re equipped with a high-quality hydration pack like the Multicam OCP Chameleon Hydrapak. You can carry the water you need so you can hydrate freely, helping you maintain your energy and focus throughout the day. Discover the potential of the Chameleon Hydrapak and its features, which include:

  • Simplified hydration: The Chameleon Hydrapak makes it easy to stay hydrated with its three-liter hydration bladder and insulated tube. Take refreshing sips and replace the valve cover so your water supply is safe while you’re on the move.
  • Tough design: Created from a resilient vinyl backing and 600D polyester, the Chameleon Hydrapak can protect your water supply from the elements. With the proper handling, you can prevent dirt and debris from contaminating your water supply.
  • Interchangeable camo: One of the most notable benefits of the Chameleon Hydrapak is the ability to change its appearance when you need to adapt to different environments. The Chameleon Hydrapak comes with both a Multicam OCP and a coyote panel so you can change the exterior appearance at a moment’s notice..

Stay Hydrated, Energized, and Focused With the Chameleon Hydrapak

Carrying multiple water bottles is a hassle, especially if you’re trying to carry enough to meet your daily water intake requirements. Rather than deal with the inconvenience, use the Chameleon Hydrapak and its three-liter hydration pack to carry the water you’ll need in one convenient place. You can easily access your water when you’re on the go using the insulated tube, and the high-quality construction will reduce the risk of contaminants invading your water supply. Head into your operations feeling more confident knowing you have the water you need to stay hydrated, energized, and focused during the day.

Looking for a Bag to Help You Haul the Rest of Your Gear?

While the Chameleon Hydrapak is more than capable of carrying your water supply, you’ll need another bag to assist you in hauling the rest of your supplies. The Three-Day Stretch Military Backpack has more than 64 liters of space available for your equipment and gear, and we offer it in both Multicam OCP and Coyote so you can choose the right camo or color for your operations. Tackle the demands of your next mission with the Three-Day Stretch as your trusted companion.