Multicam OCP 40L Raincover By Condor

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Multicam OCP 40L Raincover By Condor
Multicam OCP
Rain Covers
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description
Fits up to 50L bags.

Lightweight and durable with strong waterproof coating and drawcord cinch.
  • Genuine Cyre Precision Multicam
  • IR treated
  • Backcoated with fire retardent urethane
  • Drawcord cinch
  • Raincover pouch included
  • Made In The USA and Berry Compliant

Keep Your Essentials Dry With the Condor Raincover

You never know when you might be caught out in the rain with all your equipment and gear. Protect your essentials from the elements with the Multicam OCP 40L Raincover by Condor. Whether you’re a service member or enjoy spending time outdoors, you’ll feel better with the Raincover and its unique advantages, such as:

  • Quality design: The Raincover is back-coated in a fire-retardant material, making it waterproof so you can confidently carry your equipment in the rain. The drawcord cinch reliably seals your bag inside for the most protection.
  • Size accommodations: You can fit 40 to 50-liter bags inside the Raincover, making it an excellent option for backpacks and assault packs of varying sizes. Keep plenty of gear safely tucked away inside until you can get out of the rain.  
  • Tactical applications: The Raincover is IR-treated, so you can maintain a low profile in visible light. The genuine precision Multicam allows you to compete in tactical missions covertly, ensuring you stay safe and hidden during critical operations. 

Looking for a Bag to Go With Your Raincover?

With the ability to accommodate bags up to 50 liters, you can store plenty of options. Consider the Multicam OCP 3-Day Assault Pack by Condor, which has a 50-liter carrying capacity for all your essential gear and equipment. Tackle extended missions confidently with all your gear close by and safely tucked away inside the Condor Raincover.