Black Draw Down Waist Pack Gen II By Condor

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Black Draw Down Waist Pack Gen II By Condor
Weapons Storage
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO
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Specs & Description

Size: 7"H x 11"W x 2.5"D

  • Front zipper pocket with pull out loop panel for ID patch
  • Interchangeable belt system
  • Can be mounted to plate carrier
  • Loop lined main compartment with zipper closure
  • Rear zipper pocket for valuable personal items
  • Can carry tactical items like a handgun, extra pistol/rifle magazines and less lethal EDC's.
  • Makes a great covert support pack

Note:  Items shown in pics for demonstration purposes only and not included with bag

Take Charge of Your Day With the Draw Down Waist Pack

If you love the utility of the fanny pack, you’ll love the Draw Down Waist Pack Gen II by Condor. This pack has been redesigned for everyday use among service members, outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and other like-minded individuals. Discover the potential of the Draw Down Waist Pack, with benefits like:

  • Storage potential: The Draw Down Waist Pack features three liters of storage with enough space for your daily necessities, handgun, ammunition, and less lethal EDCs. Prepare for where your day takes you with this pack strapped to your waist.
  • Compact design: Stay light on your feet with the compact Drawn Down Waist Pack attached to your side. You’ll have your bare necessities within reach without burdening your person with a heavy pack.
  • Compatibility: You can mount the Draw Down Waist Pack to your plate carrier, making it easier to carry alongside your military equipment. Your essentials and protective gear will be easier to access while attached to your plate carrier.

Need a Pack for Demanding Days?

If some days call for higher levels of preparation or you’re traveling longer distances, you’ll need more than three liters of storage. Instead, consider the Black Small Assault Pack by Condor for 24 liters of space for all the gear or equipment you need in a day. You can store your Draw Down Waist Pack inside if you want to keep your minimum essentials in one compartment or need a lightweight option when you arrive at your destination.