ABU Poncho Liner

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ABU Poncho Liner
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FREE SHIPPING all orders Including Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO


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Specs & Description
  • Outer Shell: 100% Nylon
  • Fill: 100% Polyester
  • Tie strings on corners and sides

Improve Your Comfort When You’re on the Go With the Poncho Liner

Your poncho keeps you safe from the elements, but you can take its potential to the next level by using the ABU Poncho Liner. Using this woobie, you can transform your poncho into a sleeping bag so you can get rest at the end of a busy day. You can also use the Poncho Liner on its own as a blanket during colder applications. Take advantage of the Poncho Liner’s full range of features and benefits, which include:

  • Tough construction: Created using high-quality polyester and nylon materials, the Poncho Liner is built to withstand the rigors of your applications. Rest easier knowing you can trust the Poncho Liner to withstand the elements and keep you dry and warm.
  • Adaptable design: The Poncho Liner uses tie-down strings you can use to attach it to your poncho or gear, keeping it securely fastened so it doesn’t fly away. When you attach it to your poncho, you’ll have a sleeping bag you can use when your day comes to an end.
  • Enhanced comfort: Since the Poncho Liner adds an extra layer to your poncho, it creates additional insulation and padding between you and the outside world. When secured correctly, you’ll have an effective barrier between the cold and a more comfortable option for sleeping on the go.

Looking for More Gear Options in ABU?

A poncho and Poncho Liner can help you in plenty of situations, but you’ll need plenty of other gear and equipment to assist you in your applications. Military Luggage Company has you covered with our selection of gear in ABU, ranging from backpacks and duffles to kit bags and rucksacks. Feel more prepared to carry what you need for your unique applications with high-quality gear from MLC.